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I will be at Colorado Gold September 6-9 in Denver, Colorado.

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A Trick of the Light by Susan Brooks

A Trick of the Light

by Susan Brooks

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I will be teaching a FREE workshop on  Saturday, June 16 | 9:00 am – 12:00 pm | Business Incubator Center
2591 Legacy Way, Grand Junction, CO 81503 (Map)

Make Your Readers Happy: Genre and Trope

It is important for authors to know what their marketing category and genre are before they write a word of commercial fiction. This information, plus knowing the associated tropes for your genre, can save you months, and even years of revision time. Why? Because genre and trope are important, not because publishers and booksellers want to force you to write according to some rigid system of rules, but because readers group stories together which share certain similarities. Readers know the kind of book they want to read and they have expectations of what that book should look like. Selling commercial fiction is all about meeting reader expectation. Come learn about marketing categories and genres for commercial fiction, and the associated tropes, so you know what you need to make your reader happy.


I’ve just been named final judge in the category of romantic suspense for Romance Writers of America, Heart of Denver’s The MOLLY Contest.



I am teaching a free workshop on the importance of being genre specific in Grand Junction, Colorado on June 16th. More information coming.


I will be taking pitches over at Savvy Authors February 14-16. Pitch me!


Today I am a special guest over at the Rocky Mountain Writer Podcast!

There’s nothing. It’s the holidays! Go be with the ones you love!

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